Life, A day at a time

The word LIFE is spelt with four simple letters yet it is the biggest of words. Think about it – What is life? Every day we get news of a death or a birth. We often claim that we want to live our lives to the fullest. So what is this
thing called life and how do I take it? From a techie perspective, life is a package full of dependencies and capabilities that provide knowledge, experience and opportunity. From a business angle, life relates to an asset and an inventory, which comes with choices which if made wrongly, result in the worst liability and debt to oneself. In my view life is simply a day at a time knowing that I have a purpose and a plan set out for me and my role is to play my part and not let yesterday’s downfalls worry or side-wind me.

You can bear me witness that nothing beats the feeling one gets when he/she meets a goal, beats a deadline, wins a deal, solves a problem or simply gets to see the sun set with all the plans for the day accomplished. It’s with easy steps that you get to experience this feeling. Begin by believing in yourself – know what you are capable of and what you can achieve. Secondly, knowing your capabilities, get organized by planning and prioritizing with purpose. This makes you a better, efficient person and opportunity will likely follow you. Thirdly, communicate – you may be organised but lack communication which simply defeats the purpose. Remember that two heads are better than one.

The list is much longer that I can write but I’ll just head right to the last one: be yourself. Don’t try and emulate someone just to fit in. It’s your uniqueness that
wins you the way.


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